Why Become an Easy Bake Pro subscriber?

The short answer: we’ve got the best application.

The long answer: We know about commercial bakeries. We know what you need, and we have created our application to meet those needs better than anything else out there.

Easy Bake Pro is an End-to-End Management System that will be there to make business easier every step of the way.

Plus, we made sure that Easy Bake Pro is an affordable option that will save you money by greatly improving your efficiency.

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Easy Bake Pro works on a month-to-month subscription basis.

First you pay a one-time initial set-up fee of $500, and after that we simply charge your account on a monthly basis. Or if you’re really savvy, pay annually for a discount.

We won’t lock you in to a contract because we don’t feel the need to trap you—Easy Bake Pro’s intuitive and effective design will keep you around.

And don’t forget, your first month is completely FREE and we won’t take payment information until you’ve had that month to test Easy Bake Pro out for yourself.

Monthly Payments



Annual Payments
(one payment per year)